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Audri Ferguson
Social Media

Audri started with the Republician Club when she was in her 20's and was appointed by Paul Randolph in Chicago Illinois while also working on the Ty Fahner campaign. She moved to California where she was an executive producer of four different cable tv shows, volunteered her time and experience to produce the Montrose Christmas parade and the La Canada Fiesta Days parade. Ms Ferguson held several board positions including being on the La Canada Chamber and the Montrose Chamber of Commerce.

She also supported and was on the board of directors as their social media and marketing director for the Glendale Burbank Republican Club. She has worked for the Los Angeles Times and the La Canada Valley Sun. Moving to Florida in 2021, she was hired by the Observer Media News Group here in Sarasota where she developed several sales incentives.

Ms Ferguson retired in March 2022 and enjoys her pets, sailing, dancing and traveling.

She's been a Sarasota native since April of 2021 and is a proud third generation Republician.


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