2020 Candidates for local offices.

State Representative

District 71:   Will Robinson

District 72:  Fiona McFarland

District 73:  Tommy Gregory

District 74:  James Buchanan

State Attorney

Ed Brodsky

State Senator

District 23:  Joe Gruters


County Commissioners

District 1:   Michael A. Moran

District 3:   Nancy Detert

District 5:  Ron Cutsinger

Charter Review Board

District 1 (2 Yr Term):  Alexandra Coe

District 1 (1 Yr Term):  Kennedy Legler

District 2:  Ray Collins

District 3:  David Samuel

District 4:  Scott Williams

District 5:  Elaine Miller

Hospital Board

At Large, Seat 1:  Sharon Wetzler Peters

At Large, Seat 2:  Tramm Hudson

At Large, Seat 3:  Britt Riner

Central,   Seat 1:  Sarah Lodge 

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