Quote of the Week

Dr. Deborah Birx at President Donald Trump’s Press Conference on April 20, 2020: 

"The Florida Department of Health website is extraordinary and this is what every department of health should have, because when you go to that website, you can see most of the cases are in Southern Florida-- in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County area. And if you look in Jacksonville, they had less than 20 cases per day and less than 800 in 4 weeks. When you inform the public and give them the information that they need, then they can make decisions along with the local government and governors."

"This is how we need to start informing the community. These websites are critical. It is by zip code and it's by county. They can see cases, they can see cumulative cases, they can see new cases, they can see hospitalizations, they can see mortality, they can see age groups of mortality, and they can see where every testing place is. This is how we have to inform the American public, and this is where the American public will develop confidence in each of their counties and local governments."