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Sarasota Republican Club Zoom Meeting


Speaker:Julio Gonzalez


Hidden Insights On Where We Have Failed & Where We Have Succeeded From This Global Pandemic Kindle Edition

julio book pic.jpg

Any great nation must have the ability to continue to operate independently of other nations.

The events stemming from the Wuhan pandemic are truly unprecedented.  No segment of society has been left untouched.

The war against COVID-19 in the U.S. was something no one could have imagined, nor could anyone have predicted the incredible toll it would take on Americans and their way of life.


Dr. Julio Gonzalez, an orthopedic surgeon, lawyer, and former state representative has analyzed where we have succeeded and where we have failed. 

Dr. Gonzalez is the author of The Case for Free Market Healthcare and The Federalist Pages.  He draws from his unique and varied experience to take on these issues. 

So important and time sensitive are his findings and recommendations that it is imperative we learn them.

​Memorable Past  Events

Featured Speaker:

Ron Turner

Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections

Date: June 18th, 6PM

Place: Zoom Meeting Online

Topic: Voting during times of COVID - mail-in voting and ensuring that your ballot is counted as a vote.


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The Sarasota Republican Club is a proactive group of Republicans that sponsor events and dinner meetings to promote constitutionally-based, conservative principles of government while seeking to support candidates who represent those principles. We provide members with up close political insights and the opportunity to personally and constructively engage in the political process.

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